The Essential Dealer Trade Shows - The Complete Show Experience.

At Land 'N' Sea, we have set the industry standard for the largest and most complete dealer trade shows in the recreational industries. We recognize the need for the dealer/vendor communications, new product launches and the education that the physical show presents and are committed to creating the best virtual experience, just with a little different look and feel.

Frequently asked questions

We provide a complete learning and buying experience for our customers, including: NEW PRODUCTS - We have more vendors displaying more new products, and you get to see them all in one location DATING TERMS - The best dating terms available. Ask your sales representative for details. COMMUNICATION & NETWORKING - Communicate one-on-one with all suppliers, sales teams, management, and various industry leaders EDUCATION - Seminars and displays describing new techniques, new technology and networking with fellow business leaders Best of all...BEST PRICING OF THE YEAR! STOCK UP AND SAVE!

A little preparation before the show, allows for a more complete experience at the show. Please click here for a Preparation Checklist.

Vendors will present everything you need to manage your parts & accessories business, including every imaginable category of parts & accessories (including engines), computer software, and dealer management systems.

Gold Sponsors are participating vendors offering exceptional specials with the chance of winning a TRIP.

ADDITIONAL BUYING POWER – Unadvertised, show days ONLY specials.

Your spiffs will be presented on our online order system as you’re placing orders and/or offered at the virtual booths. Keep an eye out for manufacturer promotions and spiff eligible items identified online. You will see how much spiff you’ve accrued on the show order page and reports section. For spiffs earned, a credit will be applied to your account automatically by year-end. If spiff earned is over $500 and your account is in good standing, a refund check may be requested by contacting our credit department at 800-432-7652 Option 5 for US customers and 855-662-6372 Option 2, then 2 again for Canada customers.

No, once you have registered for a show, your show experience will be that specific location and time period.

Yes, once registered, you will have the ability to request a copy of last year’s show order on the show home page on

Please contact your sales representative or a customer service representative at the customer service booth.

You can discuss any price questions with your sales representative, or visit us at the Customer Service booth to chat with us during the show. You can also email us at

Virtual Environment

Yes, you need to be a current Land 'N' Sea customer to attend this event. If you are a Land 'N' Sea customer click on the “Register” button at the top of the page and enter all relevant content. After submitting you will receive a confirmation email with your login details.

All you really need is internet access, a compatible browser, and if you choose to utilize the video chat option of the platform, please download the Zoom application.
Supported browsers are Chrome (preferred), Firefox and Safari. If using Internet Explorer, you may experience limited compatibility in performance and features and is not recommended.

Yes, it is compatible with tablets, phones and multiple browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer.

Not necessarily. If you are choosing to utilize video chat, then yes you would need a webcam. Some exhibitors may have the technology to host video chats, but it is not mandatory to participate.

Your login information is the username and password that you received via email during the registration process.

Each booth will have a contact person(s) or contact information available to communicate with. Select the person or booth contact information and start a text chat with a specific person or booth or a video call. Multiple ways for communication.

No. The exhibitors will only be online between the identified show times per day, but dealers can drop in and out of the event (during those hours for a live chat) at your convenience. The event may be accessed 24/7 but live chat and interactive information is available only during the live event hours.

Yes. Just like a live event, you can take away any documents provided by the exhibitors. Simply add them to your swag bag, and then email them to yourself.

Once registered for the show, only one person can make updates to the show cart at a time. If more than one person is trying to place orders at the same time for the same location, you may get a warning message to refresh your page and retry. This may now give you the option to add to the cart if the other person is done. You can navigate the show pages and virtual show at the same time.

If you still have an unanswered question, please email and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.